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Tonya Rhody

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Thank you for stopping by to check me out.   I have been an agent for 19 years in Washington, PA and the nearby markets.  I have sold either the highest in volume, money, or both for most of those years.  I close 40-50 properties a year as a single agent, no team of agents adding sales.  About one every 7-10 days as an average.  I have sold hundreds of properties from prices that have ranged from 10K to 1.7million.  I am incredibly knowledgeable about this market.  I know everyone’s needs are different.  Beyond that, I love my job.


There are reviews about me below that I am very proud to share. I am most proud that many of them speak of great communication.  Call/text/email me personally at 724-350-2224 and .   I want to hear from you.  Your business is so genuinely appreciated by me and I will always work my hardest for you.


Thank you again.


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